Friday, November 25, 2005

News - - What effect would an Avian Flu pandemic ha

Recent research by Citicorp focused on the impact of an Avian ?Flu pandemic on world markets. The research concluded in somewhat whimsical tone ?that the uncertainty is extreme; uncertainty over the likelihood of a pandemic; over the timing of a pandemic; and over the virulence of a pandemic.? In more helpful mode, the research did indicate that on the basis that the outbreak of Avian Flu did emerge as a pandemic, it would have an impact on world output and productivity. Consumers would avoid personal contact, and illness and death would cut the workforce. If, in the very likely event that Avian ?Flu became a pandemic ?flu in Asia initially, the research concluded?based on factors such as healthcare, spending, tourism and governance?that the countries in Asia most at risk were Indonesia, Vietnam and India. - What effect would an Avian Flu pandemic ha


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