Friday, November 25, 2005

News - Commerce and Avian Flu-Native American interests

Native American tribes and their commercial enterprises such as gambling casinos and associated resort complexes as well as other businesses need to pay attention to a significant and quite possible (if not probable) impending health disaster: An Avian Flu world wide epidemic known technically as a pandemic.

You are wrong if you are ignoring this and "sticking your head in the sand" since health experts and government representatives the world over are trying to take action to prepare. There already has been sickness and death from avian flu elsewhere in the world and the virus appears to be spreading. This problem is top priority for the World Health Organization.

While the U.S. government has been slow in its response to prepare it has recently committed billions of dollars towards this effort since this type of disaster could bring with it (in the U.S. alone) hundreds of thousands of casualties and in the worst case scenario close to 2 million deaths. Economic loss would be monumental.

Social institutions-schools, political and governing structures will to some degree be disabled. Hospitals and clinics and mortuaries will be overwhelmed. Police, fire and emergency medical responders will be impaired. The scenario of the Louisiana coast after hurricane Katrina serves as an example and a warning as to the limitations of government disaster planning and effectiveness. Therefore individual and group planning and planning by commercial enterprises is prudent.

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