Friday, November 25, 2005

News - Second finding of avian flu in B.C.

Avian flu has been found on a second farm in B.C.'s Fraser Valley but the Canadian Food Inspection Agency stressed Tuesday that doesn't mean the situation is worsening.

The farm is operated by the owner of the farm where avian flu was found in a duck last week.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has quarantined another four operations run by the farmer and testing at one of those sites had multiple positive results for the H5 strain of avian flu.

Dr. Cornelius Kiley of the CFIA says preparations are under way to cull the birds on the second farm.

The infection at Falk's farms is different from the virulent outbreak among birds in Southeast Asia, which has been blamed for more than 60 deaths. The H5 virus in B.C. is a low pathogenic North American strain.

Vancouver Sun


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