Friday, November 25, 2005

News - HK holds exercise "Poplar" to review preparedness for avian flu

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region's government here on Thursday held an inter- departmental communication exercise to review its response to a situation of a human case of avian flu.

According to Hong Kong Director of Health Dr. P.Y. Lam, the drill, with a particular focus on communication, was aimed at reviewing contingency plans for managing issues relating to an outbreak of avian influenza when the World Health Organization ( WHO) announced efficient human-to-human transmission.

The adequacy of contingency operational protocols formulated by the departments and organizations concerned will be reviewed after the exercise, said Lam.

The exercise, code-named Poplar, was organized by the CHP in view of the global threat of flu pandemic and human cases of avian flu in neighboring countries. More than 220 players from about 30 government departments and organizations took part in the drill.

The exercise simulated a Hong Kong resident who developed flu symptoms after visiting a country where 41 people were confirmed to have been infected with avian flu and human-to-human transmission was efficient.

People's Daily Online -- HK holds exercise "Poplar" to review preparedness for avian flu


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