Friday, December 23, 2005

News - Abra organizes avian flu task force

Provincial Veterinary Office here is set to create a Provincial Avian Flu Task Force to oversee preventive measures against the bird flu virus.

Dr. Ruston Valera, provincial veterinarian said he is set to present to the Provincial Board a proposal for the creation of said task force. The proposed task force shall be composed of various teams with specific tasks such as quarantine, monitoring, information, education and rapid action, he explained.

"Although there are no reported cases of the virus yet in the country, Abrenios should not take it lightly," Valera added.

The virus which was first discovered from migratory birds in Southern China has affected chicken and other birds. The World Health Organization later found that the virus is deadly to humans. From December last year, 42 human deaths have been reported in Vietnam, five in Indonesia, 20 in Thailand and four in Cambodia.

Valera also said that since there are no traces of migratory birds' visit in the province, importation of poultry products is likely the most possible means of the virus' entry. The virus, he further explained, can only be acquired through direct contact.

Workers in poultry farms are the most vulnerable to contract the virus. However, according to experts, there is no danger in eating contaminated poultry products provided that these are properly cooked. The virus cannot survive under normal cooking temperature, Valera added.

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