Friday, August 16, 2002

WHO | 2002 - Influenza in Madagascar - Update 3

2002 - Influenza in Madagascar - Update 3

16 August 2002

Disease Outbreak Reported

As of the 13 August 2002, the Ministry of Health has reported 13 300 cases including 444 deaths (CFR 3.3%) of influenza-like illness affecting 6 of 111 districts (see previous report).

The international Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network team arrived in Antananarivo, Madagascar on 14 August and has had productive meetings with Ministry of Health and other officials. The team will work with the Ministry of Health to put a surveillance system in place that will allow health officials to assess disease trends in specific districts. During the coming week, the team also plans to design and implement studies to determine the risk factors for severe disease and death. The Institut Pasteur - Madagascar is testing samples to better characterize the virus(es) in this outbreak.

The government is organizing mobile teams to provide medical support to new foci of disease activity. Health resources are presently focused on providing medical, e.g., antibiotic treatment, to those in need.

WHO 2002 - Influenza in Madagascar - Update 3


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